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Customer Service

How to subscribe:

Our annual subscription rate is $120 for one year, but you can subscribe now via our special introductory offer of $95 by sending a check payable to BI Research along with your mailing address (using the form below is best) to:

BI Research
PO Box 133
Redding, CT 06875

You can also subscribe for 2 years for $150 and save $90 or 3 years for $195 and save $165. The newsletter is published every 6 weeks and every stock we follow is updated in every issue.

For email delivery new subscribers should add $60 per year to the above rates, and be sure to note your full email address on the subscription form below.  (So that would be $155, $270 and $375 respectively for email level service.)  Please print your email address clearly (please double check it). Note, existing subscribers need to align their email subscription with their existing subscription expiration date.  To do this send us an email using the email form at the bottom of this page requesting the number of months remaining on your subscription (we'll need just your name and zip code).  The expiration date is on your mailing label, so you can also figure the months remaining yourself.  Upgrade of your subscription to the Email level service will cost $5 per month remaining. Click here for more information on Email Delivery and what that entitles you to.    

To subscribe, print out the form immediately below (by printing this page), and mail it to us at the above address, along with your check.  We do not take credit cards at this time.

Subscription Form

BI Research                  (Introductory Offer For New Subscribers Only)
P.O. Box 133                           
Redding, CT 06875                                                                                                                                                                                                               Email address:_________________           Address:                                                                       (the above is only for email subscribers)                                                                                  
_____________________________                              __ 3 years - $195 enclosed

 _____________________________                             __ 2 years - $150 enclosed

_____________________________                              __ 1 year - $95 enclosed

_____________________________                              __  Add $60 per year for email                                                                                                        (Email rates are $375, $270 and $155) 

If you were referred here by a current subscriber, please indicate their name and zip code:      Referring subscriber's name: ________________________        Zip Code: _________

If you have a customer service question:

You may first wish to click here for more information about the newsletter format and how to get started.  We cover a lot of useful information there.  Otherwise, you can submit your customer service question to .

If  you are a current subscriber with a subscription problem, you can reach customer service by emailing us at  It helps if you can include your address and subscriber ID# which can be found on your mailing envelope and looks something like, for example,  AZZ1234.  If you don't know your subscriber ID your full name and zip code will help.

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