Email Delivery of BI Research

BI Research  also offers delivery by email. The issue is normally printed on a Monday and mailed out of Connecticut late Monday afternoon, and under normal conditions the email edition goes out that evening.  If Monday is a holiday, then it's all shifted one day. Recall that we gnerally publish every 6 weeks, so you know when to look.  For our publishing schedule click on the link.

Advantages of  Upgrading to Email Level Service-

Suffice it to say that the renewal rate for our Email Subscribers is the highest within the BI Research subscriber base.  For email subscribers BI Research is very dynamic with Updates coming automatically whenever there is a significant development in one of our stocksIt's the ultimate service.  The charge for this expedited delivery is $60 per year on top of the basic snail mail subscription cost.  If you already have a subscription, the cost would be prorated at $5 per month to align with your current expiration date.  For example, if you have 9 months left on your subscription, it would cost an extra $45 (9 X $5) to bring the remainder of your subscription up to the Email  Level Service.  The term of each must coincide.

The Economics-

I think you would have to agree, the additional cost for the Email upgrade to receive the full text of each newsletter perhaps days before you usually do and instant Email delivery of Hotline Updates would most likely be more than made up by just saving 1/4 of a point on your first purchase of one of our new recommendations, depending on how many 100's or 1000's of shares you buy.  You might even save a full point, or more- meaning you'd only have to buy 100 shares to be way ahead of the snail mail game. And, if you buy 1,000 shares, or even 500, and save a point or two on your purchase… you could easily save a $1,000, or more... on a $60 investment.  And if you make several such trades...  It doesn’t take a Certified Financial Analyst to figure that one out!   Frankly, we make a little more money, but you can make a lot more money. All email subscribers still get a mailed copy for "insurance" (for example, in case your server is on the fritz , your computer has a virus that week, you forget to tell us about your new email address, a security filter at your end screens us out... I could go on and on...). It is also our most concise (2-sided) format for filing.

The newsletter goes to most Email subscribers in Adobe (pdf) format. (The Adobe reader can be downloaded easily and for free at www.get.adobe/  Look for the yellow icon and follow the instructions.)   A prorata refund of the email portion of your subscription is available to you up to the final 2 months of your subscription.  

BI Research is copyrighted and is not to be copied or forwarded.

If you are interested, let us know as follows-

If you are a new subscriber -just use the subscription form by printing it out from our customer service section and mail it with your check, adding $60 per year to the rates shown (i.e., introductory email level service rates for 1, 2 and 3 years are $155 ($95 +$60), $270 and $375).  Sorry, we don’t take credit cards.  Prorata refunds are available (see above).   Please note your email address in the space provided.

If you’re an existing customer- you can find out how many months you have left by checking the envelope from your next (or last) issue and including that with your correspondence. ("1/04" = 1/31/04).  Otherwise, you can Email us (from the Customer Service section, or at BIRSTOCKS@AOL.COM) to request this info. Then just send your check for an additional $5 per month remaining to align with your current subscription along with a brief note, your clearly written Email address (double check it!) and postal subscription address so we can be sure we are updating the correct subscriber. You can also add $60 per year to your renewal you receive in the mail.  Sorry, we don’t take credit cards.

Frankly, if you are a subscriber, it is easiest to use the mailing envelope your next issue arrives in (because it has your address, expiration date and subscriber ID# on it, for example, AZZ1234) and send us a note right on it, as above.

To Subscribe or Upgrade to Email Level Delivery click here (this takes you to the Customer Service section from which existing subscribers can send us an email requesting the number of issues remaining, and new subscribers can find a subscription form to print out and send us to initiate a regular or Email level subscription).

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