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Busy investor summary:

BI Research is an 12-page investment newsletter which uses fundamental analysis and emphasizes mid to smaller cap stocks. The newsletter consists of a detailed recommendation that runs about two pages, followed by a brief market commentary section that also summarizes the recommended percentage of stocks vs. cash. The balance of every newsletter (about 9 pages) is devoted to updating subscribers on every stock we have recommended via updates that average nearly 1/2 page in length but could range to as high as a full page or more if big things are brewing, good or bad.  Unfavorable developments aren't swept under the carpet. Subscribers get detailed updates every 6 weeks until a "sell" is issued.  Many services give you little more than the names of the stocks to buy and maybe a brief description, and thereafter never follow them up regularly or in any detail. BI Research was started in 1981 to fill that void.  A more detailed review of the newsletter follows below.  You can click here to return to the home page where a link to a recent sample can be found at the bottom of that page, or here for information on how to subscribe.

Want to know more?

When I first started publishing BI Research back in 1981, my goal was simply to put out an investment letter that was what I myself always wanted in a newsletter, but couldn’t find-

  • The single best new stock idea the editor could find for each issue

  • With a detailed write-up of new recommendations that would enable me to make an informed decision without having to do alot of further research on my own

  • A stock selection that pays attention to what a company is earning and how fast it is growing as compared to the stock price. PE's and PEG matter.

  • Then frequent, detailed updates in every issue on every stock the newsletter had recommended previously (until detailed Sell advice/rationale is given)

  • With a Telephone Hotline I could call to find out why one of the stocks just soared (or tanked)... or better yet, an emailed Update automatically sent to me

  • And, of course, the newsletter should have a good, long-term track record…

BI Research does all of this and has been in business for well over 30 years.

To survive that long in this business you have to be doing something right. If BI Research sounds familiar perhaps it is because you’ve read about our past performance in CBS Market Watch, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune, Money, Barron’s, Business Week , in countless places on the Internet, or even your local newspaper.

BI Research’s feature recommendations run two solid pages or more, jammed packed with the information, numbers, estimates and rationale you need to make your own informed decision.  Many newsletters offer you recommendations as short as one paragraph, or even a single sentence, sometimes just the name of the stock!  It’s just- "Trust me!  Add these stocks to your portfolio and here’s a phone number if you want to research it any further."  Believe it or not, even today, a good number of the top rated newsletters do just that. (in fact- especially the top rated newsletters).

Then many newsletters never follow up their recommendations! Or if they do it’s usually sporadically, or just a table with some statistics, or maybe just a Buy, Hold or Sell next to the names of the companies… maybe not even that… maybe no mention of the stock ever again! Unless, of course, it does well… With BI Research you’re never left high and dry. In each issue, (we publish every 6 weeks) you get 7 pages of information updating you in detail on EVERY stock we’ve recommended until we say to sell. At any given time BI Research is following between 12 and 15 small to mid-cap stocks. So you get meaty updates, averaging nearly half a page, on EVERY stock we follow in EVERY issue. And if things are really hopping, a stock’s update could go for a page or more. I routinely talk to a company spokesman in detail before writing each update.

In addition, we provide a Telephone Update Line which you can call to get a recording covering the latest on what is happening to our stocks between issues.  If one of our stocks soars (or tanks) odds are very good you can call the Update Line and find out what is going on and our read on it.  Email delivery is also available (see below).

BI Research uses fundamental stock research and the time tested BI Ranking System to select new recommendations. The BI Ranking system is a weighted index that considers Relative Strength, EPS growth rates, EPS surprises, PE to growth rate and other relevant factors. BI Research reviews hundreds of stocks and boils these down to the 3 to 5 many services would recommend. But then we go one step further, analyzing these in depth for you using the BI Ranking System to help us pick the one stock for each issue about which we are the most excited. After all, that is what you really want to know, isn’t it?

Now, I realize most of you don’t have the time (or money!) to research, analyze and follow a large number of stocks, to talk to management and search through the many publications and Internet sources that carry information on them. I know that most of you can’t afford to put in the kind of time that BI Research does looking for the next big winner. But I also know when I find it you won’t want to miss it! Relax! Let BI Research do the work for you.

If you subscribe now you can get BI Research for our special introductory rate of $95 for one year and save $25 off our regular price of $120. Better yet, subscribe for 2 years at $150 and save $90, or for 3 years at $195 and save $165! A longer term subscription will protect you from any increase in our rates down the road. And if at any time you wish to cancel your subscription, you will receive a prompt pro rata refund- no questions asked.

Premium email delivery is also available for an additional $60 per year (or- $155, $270 and $375 respectively for new subscribers)... an amount which should be more than  paid for by the savings on your first more timely purchase of one of our recommendations. This service entitles you to all issues and all telephohe Updates Lines via email as soon as issued. Click here to learn more about premium email level delivery.

To subscribe use the subscription form in the customer service section, or just send a check (payable to BI Research) along with your mailing address and other relevant information to:

BI Research
PO Box 1133
Redding, CT 06875

P.S. Remember, a subscription to BI Research gives you: one of the best investment newsletters- 2 page in-depth stock recommendations- with detailed updates every 6 weeks on ALL open positions- at one of the best prices in the business.  

Click here for even more information about the newsletter format and how to use BI Research.

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