What Other Investors Have to Say About BI Research

"As a broker & continuing subscriber who has many clients who follow you, I just thought I'd say a quick thanx for the $ in profits.  Your service is down to earth and very well written." -J.R., Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Your perspective is always filled with good sense and clarity and I am grateful for that. Cheers" - R.P.

"Now I know why I regard you with admiration.  Enough said except, thanks for an honest and prompt reply."- R.H.

"First, let me thank you for publishing an excellent, succinct investment letter.  Using your recommendations, I have made many times the cost of my subscription to date.  Enough, in fact, to pay for a three-week vacation in Europe beginning in mid-September." -B.M., Seattle, WA

"I have read many articles praising your newsletter and am interested in subscribing." -C.C., Yorktown Heights, NY

"With your help the small investor has a chance." -K.F.

"In the November issue of the American Association of Individual Investors Journal is an article ranking the top 5 newsletters from 6/30/87 to 6/30/92.  BI Research came in second in risk adjusted return (22% above T-Bill rate), and first in total return (211.9%) by a large margin.  I am interested in receiving subscription information or a trial copy if you offer it." -G.C., Eugene, OR

"In reading the May issue of Money Magazine, I noticed they recommend your publication for leads on emerging growth stocks." -W.S., San Fransisco, CA

"During the past five years I've subscribed to about 100 tip sheets and not one of them was worth a good $^%)(*&#.  Why?  Because each letter listed from 20 to 50 stocks with research information of 20 words or less.  I'm subscribing to your service because you only cover 10-15 companies, which means that you have done your homework and an investor has the info he needs to make an intelligent decision on an investment." -A.B.

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