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BI Research is a 12-page investment newsletter, which has been published continuously since 1981... for over 35 years.  You don't survive long in this business without doing it right!  In fact we have subscribers that have been with us for decades.  (How long have your investment newsetters been around?)

Our niche is rapidly growing small to mid-cap stocks, whose PE's are reasonable relative to their growth rates. Each 12-page issue features a detailed 2-page recommendation of a new selection plus detailed updates on every stock we follow, every six weeks.

BI Research generally concentrates on smaller to mid-cap stocks with potential to double over the next 2-3 years, using our time tested BI Ranking System to guide us.

  • Each 12-page issue features the single best new investment idea we can find, recommended with a detailed 2-page write-up (at least). You can click on "Sample" in the index below.

  • The remaining 10 pages of each issue are devoted to a brief market commentary and detailed updates following up EVERY stock we've recommended in EVERY issue (every 6 weeks), with updates averaging 1/2 page per stock, but sometimes exceeding 1 page (see "Sample" link below).

In other words, we give you enough information on which to base an intelligent buy decision and then follow up these recommendations frequently and in detail until sale is advised. We don't just say buy these 4 stocks, with little or no write-up, and then never follow them up in any detail again, as too many services do. If that sounds all too familiar, read on!

One thing we DON'T do is constantly send you notices about this great stock we discovered, but oh sorry you 'll have to subscribe to one of our other services to get the idea.  (I hate that!)  We have one newsletter which is the focus of all our attention and ideas.

"I've been a subscriber for maybe 35 years now and just have to commend you for your diligence and hard work. Don't know how you manage to stay on top of everything. I've tried and discarded many a financial newsletter over the years, yours is simply the best that I've encountered so far. Hope some of the recent big winners don't encourage you to retire anytime soon!"  - Ken

Our basic annual subscription rate is $120, but new subscribers can subscribe at our introductory offer rate of $95 by sending a check (payable to BI Research) to the above address. 

Email delivery of all issues and the full text of all Updates is available for $60/year additional, or a total of $155 for 1-year. The additional charge per year should be dwarfed by the savings from getting on board our recommended stocks sooner than waiting for the US Mail. The Email version will arrive by Monday evening, or at the latest Tuesday morning. Printed issues are usually mailed at the P.O. late on Monday afternoon. Existing subscribers can upgrade to email level service at $5 per month remaining, see Customer Service section. See the clickable index below for more information on email delivery.

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